Internet Banking Questions

Why use Internet Banking?

Internet Banking allows our customers secure access to their accounts anytime of the day, any day of the year. With functions to transfer funds between accounts, view and print statements, download transactions to leading financial management programs and an optional Bill Payment feature the question is why not to use Internet Banking.

What are the system requirements to use Internet Banking?

You will need a connection to the Internet, and a Web Browser with 128-bit SSL encryption which is supported by major Web Browsers such as Netscape Navigator 3.0 (or higher) or Microsoft Explorer version 3.02 (or higher) and can be downloaded from the vendors site. Internet Banking works on any operating system that supports the browsers listed above.

Do I have to apply to use Internet Banking?

Yes, an application is required to sign up for Internet Banking. Once we receive and process the application form we will issue an Internet Banking user ID and PIN (personal identification number). For your protection you will be requested to contact our Internet Baking Customer Service and at this point you will be supplied with your access information and your Internet Banking account will be unlocked.

How do I use Online Banking?

You first need to apply for Internet Banking. Once you have you user ID and PIN (personal identification number) you will be able to access all features you selected in your application. To get familiarized with all Internet Banking Features we recommend our Internet Banking Demo.

I can't find all my accounts in the Internet Banking Account List?

Only valid accounts listed in your Internet Banking application will be list in the Internet Banking Account List. You must be a sole or joint owner on an account to have it added to your profile, and in case of joint accounts both account holders have to sign the application. If you forgot to add an account on your Internet Banking application you must complete a new application listing all your accounts you want access to.

Can I see my current account information?

We provide you with real-time account transactions and balances. Some delays may occur due to processing or system issues, which we cannot control.

What happens if I open a new account after I am already signed up for Internet Banking or I want to add one of my existing accounts?

New accounts do not automatically appear on Internet Banking, if you like to have the new account or any of your accounts added to your profile, you will need to submit a new application listing all of your accounts you wish to access over the Internet.

Is it possible to change my User ID and PIN?

Yes, you can change you User ID and PIN as often as you want by clicking on the "Management" option under the Home Banking menu and selecting "Change PIN" or Change Personal ID.

Why am I locked out of my account?

To keep the system as secure as possible, any time three consecutive sign-on attempts fail the account will be locked and you will need to contact our Customer Service at (305) 789-8077 to have it unlocked. If you forgot your PIN the Customer Service Representative will be able to assist you with resetting your PIN.

What happens if I forget my PIN?

For security reasons we do not have access to your PIN once it has been changed. If you forget your PIN, you must contact our Customer Service at (305) 789-8077. We will reset your PIN to the initial PIN we provided you with when you first signed up for Internet Banking.

I got an error message. What should I do?

If you get an error message please make a note of the message, the error number and the time, then simply call our Customer Service at (305) 789-8077 and we will be glad to answer your question.


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