Check Imaging Questions

How about viewing your checks online?

With our new service of Check Imaging you are now able to view online both front and back images of your cancelled checks and processed deposit slips. Internet Banking provides you with the convenience of printing check and deposit slip images straight from your computer.

How do I view my check images?

Just log on to your Internet Banking account and click on the cancelled check number or processed deposit slip you would like to view and the image of the item will be displayed on the screen.


What if I am not an Internet Banking user?

To become an Internet Banking user, please click on the "Apply for Internet Banking" option or talk to your account officer for more information.

What is Check Imaging?

Check Imaging is the creation of a digital image of both front and back of each check and deposit slip processed into your account. Digital images can be stored and retrieved more efficiently than the original documents.

When your account statement is prepared, our system retrieves your check images and laser prints them on letter size paper. These images are the ones you will receive with your statements.

Will there be a difference in my checking account statement?

No. You will continue to receive your monthly statement containing all of your account activity. Along with your statement, you will receive images of all checks which have cleared through your account during that month.

During the first quarter of 2003, you will still receive the original cancelled checks along with your monthly statement. After that period, your monthly statements will be accompanied only by the images of your checks.

What are the advantages of Check Imaging?

  • Your imaged checks are printed in numerical order, simplifying your statement reconciliation.
  • The dollar amount, check number, and posting date are reported separately below each check.
  • 10 check images are printed on 3-hole punched paper which can be easily stored in a regular 3-ring binder, eliminating bulky storage.
  • By using Internet Banking, you will be able to view front and back images of all deposited items (checks and deposit slips) as they clear through your account.
  • Income tax preparation becomes easier; all of your checking account records for the year are together and organized in one place, eliminating the year end search for checking account records.
  • Check images are fully accepted by all state and federal government agencies and valid in all courts of law and with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • The quality and clarity of an imaged check is preferred over microfilm copies for proof of payment.
  • It gives the bank the ability to enlarge items for signature and endorsement verification. Therefore, when needed, we can also provide you with a full-sized image of a cancelled check.

Are images of checks accepted as legal documents?

Yes, Check images are acceptable as legal documents by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and in a court of law.

Can I customize my Check Imaging report?

Yes. Initially this report will contain front images of your processed checks. You can change the number of checks printed per page as well as choose to receive front and back images of each check. Please contact bank officer to customize your Check Imaging report.

How does Check Imaging relate to Internet Banking?

If you are an Internet Banking user, you will be able to view the images (both front and back) of all checks and deposit slips that are posted to your account as soon as they are processed. If you have not yet signed up for Internet Banking, please visit our website at to enroll or contact your bank officer.

Do I need to apply for Check Imaging?

No. Check Imaging will replace receiving individual cancelled checks for all customers beginning April 1, 2003. There is no need to apply for check imaging– this is an automatic service. And best of all, there is no charge for this added convenience.

How can I make sure my imaged copies are legible?

Your imaged copies will be clearer if you use black or blue in. You should not write with red ink since this color does not image well. Our check designs are “image friendly”; however, if you experience any problems, please contact us.

What if I need an original check, is it available?

Yes. The bank will keep your original cancelled checks for 90 days after the statement cycle and destroy them thereafter. You may request an original check by contacting your bank officer. A fee may apply for check retrieval.

Can I choose to continue to receive my cancelled checks?

Yes. You may arrange to continue receiving your cancelled checks by contacting your bank officer. There is a monthly fee for this service.

What other services are available with Check Imaging?

You can receive a CD-ROM with digital images of your statements and cancelled checks (front and back). Each CD-ROM holds up to 30,000 images and is ideal for accounts with high transaction volume. The self-contained software allows for easy retrieval by check number, dollar amount and date. There is a charge for this service.


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