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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Our Online System User Guide was designed to aid in whatever initial questions you may have. Our new system has many new, diverse and improved functionalities, all highlighted by the information we’ve prepared specially for you. If you feel that you may need additional assistance our customer service department can be reached at
(305) 789-8077 from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.

Internet Banking Questions
Why use Internet Banking?
What are the system requirements to use Internet Banking?
Do I have to apply to use Internet Banking?
How do I use Online Banking?
I can’t find all my accounts in the Internet Banking Account List?
Can I see my current account information?
Is it possible to change my User ID and PIN?
Why am I locked out of my account?
What happens if I forget my PIN?
I got an error message. What should I do?

Account Balance Questions
What is Available Balance?
What is Current Balance?
Why is my Available Balance higher than my Current Balance?
Why is my Current Balance higher than my Available Balance?

Check Imaging Questions
How about viewing your checks online?
How do I view my check images?
What if I am not an Internet Banking user?
What is Check Imaging?
Will there be a difference in my checking account statement?
What are the advantages of Check Imaging?
Are images of checks accepted as legal documents?
Can I customize my Check Imaging report?
How does Check Imaging relate to Internet Banking?
Do I need to apply for Check Imaging?
How can I make sure my imaged copies are legible?
What if I need an original check, is it available?
Can I choose to continue to receive my cancelled checks?
What other services are available with Check Imaging?

Mobile Banking Questions
What is Mobile Banking with Check Deposit?
What do I need in order to use BAC Florida Bank Check Deposit?
Where do I find the Check Deposit option in “My e-BAnC Mobile” application?
Who is eligible to use BAC Florida Bank Check Deposit?
How do I request Check Deposit?
May I enroll more than one account for Check Deposit?
Do I need to use a deposit slip to make a deposit through Check Deposit?
Should I endorse my check before taking a picture?
What type of checks can I deposit with Check Deposit?
Are there limits for deposits made through Check Deposit?
When will funds be made available to me from deposits made by Check Deposit?
What is the cut off time?
What do I do with the check after I deposit it through Check Deposit?
What are your Text Banking commands?


Mobile Check Deposit
How to use Mobile Check Deposit?

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